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Music Ministry

At Greater Whites, our music ministry is a progressive one that seeks to bless God, bless others, and bless ourselves. We believe that music is an essential part of worship and take our ministry very seriously. Our musical selections consist of a mixture of contemporary gospel and traditional hymn selections when necessary. The following ensembles make up the music ministry:                                                                                                                                                               

  • The Male Chorus

  • The Women's Chorus

  • The Sanctuary Choir

Piano B&W
  • Members of our Music Ministry include: James Taylor, Herbert Herring, Jordan Herring, and John Head all members of the GWC Male Chorus.

  • Darlene Hyde, Deborah Hyde, Virginia Boyd, Diamond Payne, and Cicely Sherrod all members of the Women's Chorus.

  • James Taylor, John Head, Darlene Hyde, and Diamond Payne all members of the Sanctuary Choir

  • Ms. Patricia Stanton, Director and Song Leader

  • Mr. Zechariah King, Drummer

  • Mr. Joshua Hager, Pianist and Director of Music

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